Our Story

Nestled in the Warehouse District of Regina, SK is a beautiful Heritage building home to Local Market. This recently renovated 12,000 sq ft. space is now the home of Local and Fresh Market. The Docks – a venue that can be rented to facilitate weddings, corporate events, markets, special occasion parties, community gatherings and studio work.

The Weston Room hosts a kitchen for cooking classes, shows, and evening suppers.

This historic building was constructed in 1929 and was operated by Weston Foods until 2012. The historic elements of the building have been preserved through the renovation to showcase the rich food heritage that the Weston Building holds.

Tim and Carla Shultz both grew up on a farm. Together, over the years, they have crafted a vision to bring a European-style market to Regina, gaining inspiration from markets such as Granville Island, The Forks in Winnipeg or Pike Place in Seattle. From their rural roots, they understood the community and had the vision to build a place for the community to gather. Together with their children, Gavin and Dane, they offer a warm welcome to come and visit Local Market!

Local Market YQR - Shultz Family - owner of Local & Fresh Regina